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Penghijauan l Pupuk Ramah Lingkungan l Mesin Pembuatan Kompos l Pencacah Organik -www.kencanaonline.com
Penghijauan l Pupuk Ramah Lingkungan l Mesin Pembuatan Kompos l Pencacah Organik -www.kencanaonline.com
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Penghijauan l Pupuk Ramah Lingkungan l Mesin Pembuatan Kompos l Pencacah Organik -www.kencanaonline.com


Tableting technology and mixing ( granulation compound) is useful in supporting the program locally specific fertilization fertilizer or fertilizer which is based on conditions specific land fertility. And to serve the various conditions planters ability, after success with the fertilizer composition flexible ( Gramalet) , since 2003 to develop all compound fertilizer specific formula tablets per plant ( brand Gramafix® ) . Be, in the category of complete compound fertilizer tablets ( PMLT) , the CV. SK as a pioneer in Indonesia in formulating fertilizer contain complete Gramalet ® . Fertilizers produced and formulated at the factory level tablet form. With a wide choice of sizes compound fertilizer tablets and 3 grams of compound fertilizer tablets 10 grams.

Fertilizer enterprise by large-scale industries has been precisely the problem of depletion would trigger the agricultural fertility of Indonesia, the fertilizer intake in treating various conditions in the same land. Dosage recommendations was made by centralized, regardless of the specific conditions of land fertility. Yet the real needs of very specific fertilizer depends on the condition of land fertility and crop growth stage.

With the completeness of the nutrient in the formulation of granular compound fertilizer tablets ( Gramalet® ) , the user either in the form of fertilizers among farmers, planters, businessmen and planters agribusiness does not need to mixing in the garden and find different sources of fertilizer nutrients on the market - which often are not always available in simultaneously and on time.

The presence of fertilizer industry can co-exist with large ( state-owned fertilizer) and be required to work on the segments that are in need of planters special services based on the conditions of each garden. Thus the presence such as artificial fertilizers and the formulation of expected Gramalet helped solving the problem of possible unbalance supply ( supply) and demand ( demand) a single fertilizer will be the future. Concerns the lack of supply could be due to raw material problems of gas for fertilizer plants ( Urea) , dependence on fertilizer imports and hamper the expansion of state capacity fertilizer factory in Indonesia ( HPI UreaKarenanya fertilizer, as long as maintaining the quality of products and services, actually has a good prospect.

Recognizing that in the future, chemical fertilizer ( an-organic) - a non-renewable natural materials ( unrenewable) to the less availability, and, on the other hand, there is the health awareness of the importance of natural food ( organic) - since 2004, CVSK develop fertilizer technology sources of biological and organic fertilizer granules, the size of the organic form of granules ( 2 - 4 mm) , the following processing equipment manufacturing waste into organic fertilizer compost ( composter manual, electric composter, fertilizer and machinery Granulator Rotary Kiln various capacities) . In the category of material of organic fertilizer ( compost) , has managed to engineer the CVSK and isolate microbes decomposer for garbage ( probiotics) and various minerals for the continuity of modern composting, hygiene and fast.

The decomposer microbial compost activators and minerals are substances bulking agent. The article is useful to accelerate the decomposition duration. To increase composting by farmers in an effective and efficient, well developed machine tools ( composter) whether the household scale, scale and environmental Composter ( Rotary Kiln) scale commercial business. composter is very useful for managers pehobies parks and gardens in making compost with the use of raw materials from domestic waste or, for entrepreneurs to get business - which produces faster than manage waste in housing, factories, markets or apartment environment.

In fact, for the cities that have problems with landfill and waste management such as Bandung, Jakarta, Bogor and other metropolitan cities, the composter will greatly help reduce the waste completely from the source or location of the waste producer ( families or households, restaurants, malls, markets , factory canteen, vegetable markets and hotels) . For large scale, is also available Klin Rotary machine tool with the ability to process 1 m3 of waste ( 1 / 3 Ton) to 6 m3 ( 2 Ton) / engine units.

Distribution of various products including fertilizer formulations CVSK Gramalet® , a specific fertilizer plants ( Gramafix) , organic fertilizer granules ( PTA Green Phoskko) and waste processing equipment ( composter BioPhosko) , today, has expanded to almost all provinces in Indonesia. Especially with the success of development ( development) website for online sales service ( www.kencanaonline.com) , the product of PT CVSK expanding market segment to Malaysia, Myanmar ( ASEAN) , Australia and New Zealand.

Hopefully with the presence of PT. CV Sinar Kencana ( CVSK) in developing fertilizer and fertilization technology - which, so the use of agricultural resources more effectively and efficiently, Indonesian agribusiness to compete amid increasingly competitive world of the future are more stringent.

Bandung, August 2010


Sonson Garsoni, IR
+ 62-81572527115

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